Reasons to Order a Pre-Listing Home Inspection

If you’re a homeowner who is ready to sell your property and relocate, you’ll likely prepare your home for the real estate market first. Cleaning and improvements may be needed before listing the house for sale. If you’re ready to find a buyer, there are some great reasons to order a pre-listing home inspection.

Increase Your Resale Value with a Pre-Listing Home Inspection

The quality and condition of your home affect your property value. If there are significant problems like mold in the attic or cracks in the foundation, your home is less valuable.

When you order a pre-listing home inspection, the inspector will identify hidden issues and safety concerns so you can make repairs prior to the listing. When the repairs are completed, you’ll be able to sell the house at a better price because you’ve boosted its value.

Give the Buyer Confidence in the Sale

If you’re upfront about the repairs that have been made and defects that have not been addressed, it gives the buyer more confidence in their purchase. Even if there are issues you choose not to repair, the buyer will feel that you are trustworthy and honest when you share the findings from the pre-listing inspection report.

Order a Pre-Listing Home Inspection to Save Money

Although it may be more convenient to sell the home as-is, you can lose money. If the buyer discovers that there are leaks or mold growth, they’ll reduce the offer because they’ll need to make repairs once they move into the property. It often costs less to make the repairs on your own instead of lowering your asking price. Schedule your pre-listing inspection to better understand the repairs and improvements that you might want to make to your property.

Have Time to Make Repairs

Sellers may scramble to complete repairs if they wait until the buyer orders a home inspection. When the buyer requests repairs based on his or her inspection report, you’ll be on a timeline to get the repairs made before closing. Plan a pre-listing home inspection before the house is advertised so you have time to make improvements before anyone views the property.

Make Your Agent’s Job Easier

Your real estate agent will handle pricing your home, which is more challenging when they don’t know the true condition of the house. You make their job easier when you provide them with a pre-listing inspection report. The realtor can compare the house to similar properties to confirm it’s listed at a fair price. Fairly priced homes are more appealing to buyers and make it easier for the agent to find the right person for the property.

When you order a pre-listing home inspection as a seller, you have more control and can avoid surprises before closing. You’ll enjoy a smoother transaction and find a buyer quickly due to the benefits that the inspection offers.

Veterans First Home Inspections offers pre-listing home inspections in the Washington, DC area. If you’re planning to list your home for sale, contact us to request an appointment.