During the summer, your family likely spends more time outside. A well-equipped kitchen outdoors provides a place to enjoy the pleasant weather and entertain guests. Get more inspired preparing meals for family and friends with these outdoor kitchen ideas.

Choose a Location

Pick a convenient location for your outdoor kitchen. Ideally, it will be in an area with good lighting, but not in direct sunlight. If you’re building the kitchen on a deck, inspect the decking boards and supports before you begin the project. Make sure the decking is sturdy with no signs of rot or termite damage. If you’re planning a full kitchen, you need to know that the deck can support the weight of the project.

Ideas for Your Outdoor Kitchen

The outdoor kitchen could feature a smoker or even a pizza oven. You may choose to build cabinets and a countertop to make preparing meals on the grill easier. With cabinets, you have your supplies within easy reach and a countertop gives you a place to prep the food.

When deciding on features for your outdoor kitchen, here are a few of the most popular options.

Build a Bar

A bar is a great addition to your outdoor kitchen. Create a built-in bar or repurpose an unused piece of furniture to provide a space to display liquor bottles, bar tools, and glassware. Add doors to the front of a bookshelf to transform it into a cabinet and remove the lower shelves for a place to install a mini-fridge.

Install a Ceiling Fan

A ceiling fan improves air circulation in your kitchen and will help move smoke and odors out of the space. It will also help manage the temperature to help keep family and friends more comfortable when the weather is warm.

Plant a Herb Garden

Fresh herbs are the perfect addition to your outdoor kitchen. Add color and flavor to your meals when you have potted herbs nearby. Planting a container garden near your kitchen gives you fresh ingredients to spice up your meals. Parsley, oregano, mint, and basil are some of the easiest herbs to grow. Make sure the plants get plenty of sunlight and water them regularly.

Ideas for Your Outdoor Kitchen Include Making Shade

Spending time outdoors is nice when the weather is warm, however, the summer sun can get hot. Provide shade for family and friends to relax away from direct sunlight. Build a pergola above the kitchen to block some of the sun’s rays, install sun sails above the area, or plant trees nearby. Any combination of these will ensure a cooler space for outdoor gatherings.

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