As many jobs are transitioning to remote work, it’s becoming common to work from home. If you have a larger house, you might consider using a guest bedroom, a finished basement, or a loft for your workspace. In a small house or apartment, it’s more challenging to find room for your office. Here are a few home office ideas for smaller spaces.

Closet Office

If you have an unused closet, you have enough room for a small home office. The closet may already have shelving for storage and a door so you can close the space after work hours.

Find a small desk or install a shelf at a good height for your computer. In an extra-small closet, mount the monitor to the wall to save desk space. Use overhead shelving to store paper, a file box, and other equipment you’ll need to do your work. If you need a printer, add a small printer stand beside or beneath the desk. Paint the walls of your office a bright color to improve and energize the area.

Living Room Corner

Examine the living room to see if there is a corner you can commandeer for your office needs. Use a spot by a window to take advantage of natural light. So your office doesn’t detract from your living spaces, choose a minimalist desk with clean lines that won’t overwhelm the area. Shop for attractive storage for office supplies and choose a printer cabinet that keeps the machine tucked neatly inside.

Ideas for a Mobile Office

In a small home, you might not have any available space for a permanent office. If this is the case, design a moveable workspace on wheels. Choose or build furniture that can be relocated easily.

A wheeled desk and chair can be moved into the room of your choosing during work hours and rolled out of the way when the workday is done. After hours, your mobile office can be stored in a corner of the living room, bedroom, or kitchen. You’ll find many options available online for portable workstations with storage.

Under the Stairs

Take advantage of the space underneath a staircase. This area is often under-used because of its size and shape, but if you get creative, you can convert the space into a functional home office.

Make use of the walls by installing shelving and hooks for storage. Hang a wall-mounted desk or purchase a smaller table to use in the area. A pendant light fixture is a perfect choice to hang from a sloped ceiling or you can add a small desk lamp to brighten up your workspace.

Wall-Mounted Home Office Ideas

Another idea for a home office is to mount a desk to any available wall space. Select a stool or chair that can be stored beneath the desk when you’re off of work. The wall-mounted office could be set up in any room of the house.

Liven up the area with new wallpaper or a fresh coat of paint. Add a few functional shelves, good lighting, some artwork, and a plant to personalize your office. To further maximize the space, look online for wall-mounted storage desks that fold up neatly at the end of your workday.

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