The transition from summer to fall often sneaks up on homeowners. In autumn, it is time to switch gears with your home maintenance. Before you know it, the temperatures will drop below freezing and your home needs to be prepared. Here are 5 home maintenance tasks for fall to start working on now.

Have the Heating System Checked

Before using your heating system, have it serviced by a professional technician. This preventative maintenance will help to keep the system in good shape and running efficiently all season long. Schedule this professional service before turning on the heat for the season.

Home Maintenance Tasks for Fall Include Preparing the Fireplace

Your fireplace is another source of heat throughout the fall and winter. Prepare this feature so it will operate safely. A chimney sweep should clean and inspect the chimney. Clean out the firebox and stock up on seasoned hardwoods. Move any items that have piled up on the hearth during the months that the fireplace was not in use.

Switch the Direction of Ceiling Fans

One of the easiest home maintenance tasks for fall is to switch the direction of ceiling fans. A button on the motor of the fan changes the rotation from counterclockwise to clockwise. Fans running clockwise help disperse warm air that collects near the ceiling down into the room.

Home Maintenance Task for Fall and Lawn Equipment

As the weather cools, you won’t need to use your lawn equipment. Remove the fuel from lawnmowers and weed whackers, or add fuel stabilizer. Remove parts like the blade, mower deck, and spark plug. Change the oil and keep this equipment stored in a dry, covered area, preferably indoors.

Insulate Exterior Plumbing

Frozen pipes are an inconvenience when the water won’t turn on and can cause serious damage if they burst and leak. Prevent this by insulating exposed plumbing pipes and faucets with foam pipe insulation.

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