When you buy a newly built home, you expect the home to be in great shape. No one has lived there before and all the materials, appliances, and fixtures are brand new. However, after living in the home for some time, you may start to notice problems. Most builders offer a warranty that is usually valid for one year. Because mistakes can be made or defective materials might be used, it’s important to order an 11th month warranty inspection.

Request Repairs Before the Warranty Expires

Order an inspection in your 11th month of homeownership and you’ll still have time to file a claim. When your warranty expires, it’s too late to request repairs and you have missed the window to hold the builder responsible. This is an important reason to order a professional inspection.

An 11th Month Warranty Inspection Helps Prevent Surprises

If you have lived in the home for several months and haven’t noticed issues or concerns, don’t assume the home is fine. Problems or material defects may not be obvious at first but could cause issues down the road.

Major construction flaws or problems with the installation of the HVAC system or roofing could require expensive repairs. If something goes wrong after the builder’s warranty has expired, you will have to pay to have it fixed, even if the problem is related to the original construction.

Prepare for a Future Sale with an 11th Month Warranty Inspection

When moving into a brand new home, you aren’t thinking ahead to the day you may list the property for sale. Even if you planned to live in the house for years, a new opportunity might present itself.

You may realize you need a bigger home for your growing family, a job might require you to relocate, or maybe you’ll decide to move to care for an elderly family member. Your buyer will order a home inspection and any defects found, even those dating back to the original build, are your responsibility and may affect your profit on the sale.

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